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Two words about me... My name is Alex Shabarshov. I'm 36 years old programmer from Russia. That's all for now...

My software:


For some time i'm using Pocket PC for book reading. There is the great reader - HaaliReader, there is the awesome converter Any2FB2, but no the good program for book "organization" - simple to use converter with preview capability with the "shelf" functionality. This disadvantage i try to close.

Here you can find the freeware program Book2Shelf (download size 958k) ChangeLog, PAD, SDK.
Current version is 0.9.56 (last digit is the build number)

Current Alpha version 0.9.111. Size 1.9M.
Use with care! Always backup your index and library itself!
GlobalShareware 4 gold disk award
Brothersoft rating 5/5 award
This is required to be installed before installing Book2Shelf:
Book shelf Reader Reader settings Converter settings

What Book2Shelf can do:
  • Store the index of all you books (3000 - easy!)
  • Sort books by author and group (sequence)
  • Direct export to PocketPC (using PPCExport)
  • By default stores books as ZIP file in subdirectories (author\author. title.zip)
  • Supports books in ordinary files at any place (with or without ZIP compression) for example on CD/DVD
  • Fast search by author/title/genre...
  • Built in reader (derived from HaaliReader)
  • Shows all books what original HaaliReader can show (fb2,txt,pdb...)
  • Converts books from plain text or MS Word (not yet) to FictionBook2 format using Any2FB2
  • Supports ZIP compression for converted but not imported books
  • Logs the conversion process
  • Copyes misformated books to separate folder for future analysis
  • Fills the genre tag while converting
  • Renames books while converting. You can use author's name, title and genre as a part or file name. Subdirs created if necessary.
  • Flexible user interface settings
  • Does not require installer
  • Supports FB2Any (currently only export to Rocket eBook)
  • The "autorun" mode supported.

What Book2Shelf can't do:
  • Shows books in CHM,HTML,PDF etc.
  • Read them by voice:)
  • Does not support Linux (sorry)

Alex Shabarshov
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