Book2Shelf change log RUS

Version 0.9.55

  • [FIX] Fixed plugin execution bug (can't find any books if index not in c: drive).
  • [FIX] Symbols "-" (long dash) deleted from book title while forming the file name.
  • [FIX] Transliteration engine rewritten.
  • [FIX] Some minor bug fixes.
  • [BUG] When using russian localisation module the book open and contents dialogs are still not working.

Version 0.9.54

  • [FIX] Book deletion bug fixed.
  • [FIX] Symbol "..." deleted from book title while forming the file name.
  • [FIX] Index creation bug fixed (russian letters in directory name).
  • [FIX] Some minor bug fixes.
  • [BUG] When using russian localisation module the book open and contents dialogs are not working.

Version 0.9.53

  • [FIX] Fixed "Not a ZIP file" bug (only for other than english interface language).

Version 0.9.52

  • [FIX] Book open bug fixed.
  • [FIX] Index loading fastened.

Version 0.9.50

  • [NEW] Added "Yes to all" dialog while importing.
  • [FIX] Sort order fixed in import options dialog.
  • [FIX] File name buffer length increased to 4096 chars.
  • [FIX] File names are reduced in messages.

Version 0.9.47

  • [NEW] RUSSIAN LANGUAGE SUPPORT added. (Translators?)
  • [NEW] Splitter added betwen authors and books.
  • [NEW] Status line added (Books selected by filter, total books).
  • [NEW] New application icon. Thanks to Ivan A. Budiakov.
  • [FIX] ZIP reading bug fixed (affects any zip reading).

Version 0.8.46

Version 0.7.41

  • [NEW] Extra fields definition file (extras.dat) added.
  • [NEW] Separate files and added (rename one to genre-dict.xml).
  • [NEW] Plugin B2SUpdateExtras added (reread extra fields).
  • [FIX] UTF-8 detection code fixed.

Version 0.6.36

  • [NEW] Book import date is now recorded in index
  • [NEW] Filter by import date is now available. All existing filters must be rewriten.
  • [NEW] Search can cake place only after Enter key is pressed. See Options tab.
  • [FIX] Border removed in reader's fullscreen mode.
  • [FIX] By default the checkbox "No year" is set in filter editor.

Version 0.6.35

  • [FIX] Book year was not stored in index
  • [FIX] Double click at empty book list space leads to GPF
  • [FIX] Book was not changed while importing even the user say Yes to "Change existing book" request.
  • [FIX] Authors and books lists was not updated after import.
  • [FIX] Filter deletion bug fixed

Version 0.6.32

  • [NEW] User defined filter support added (genres ane years).
  • [FIX] Parameters of table columns are now stored (position, size, alignment...).
  • [FIX] One serious bug (filter related) fixed, but i can't remember which one :)

Version 0.5.31

  • [NEW] Search works on genres too.
  • [NEW] Option added: "Expand groups on load"
  • [FIX] Russian quotes are removed from file names.
  • [FIX] Plugins was linked with MFC DLL (changed to static link).

Version 0.5.30

  • [FIX] Export to CSV plugin was not functional (forgot to call setlocale())
  • [FIX] Plugin Wizard now calls setlocale() in InitInstance by default

Version 0.5.29

  • [NEW] Plugin support and Plugin SDK added
  • [NEW] Added statistics plugin
  • [NEW] Added "Export to CSV" plugin
  • [FIX] Fixed startup bug (program started in background)
  • [FIX] No more "An invalid argument was encountered" messages
  • [FIX] While searching instead of "None found" message program beeps.

Version 0.4.27

  • [NEW] The Option->About pane added
  • [FIX] Book order and group was lost when you edit the header

Version 0.4.26

  • [NEW] Book properties dialog added (you can change the author's name!)
  • [NEW] Double click behaviour on book list can be changed via "Double click on book..." combo box
  • [NEW] Reader can leave last line from previous page if "Show last line of previous page" check box is checked
  • [FIX] The default value for "FastPrefetchBufferSize" is increased to 4096 (no more "Tag <body> is not found" message).
  • [FIX] Many internal changes.

Version 0.3.22

  • [NEW] Book annotation is shown on book details panel now
  • [FIX] Fixed menu in export pane

Version 0.3.19

  • [NEW] Icons added to book details - [format][ZIP][shortcut]
  • [NEW] Added ability to specify book storage format (new index wizard)
  • [NEW] Transliteration from cyrillic added to book masks (%F,%L,%T,%G)
  • [FIX] Fixed bug when imporing "in place" (red background in book list)

Version 0.2.17

  • [NEW] Context menu added to table headers
  • [FIX] The group titles are now shown in whole row

Version 0.2.16

  • [NEW] Add file/folder buttons added to import page
  • [NEW] Drag&Drop works in any window (import page opened)
  • [NEW] Added genre dictionary for russian and english language
  • [NEW] Added genre dictionary language selection option
  • [FIX] If only one book selected, the export items in context menu are enabled only if file exists
  • [FIX] Fixed export of multiple books (only first one was exported, but many times)
  • [FIX] Diagnoctics extended while load/save index
  • [FIX] Unimplemented items are disabled in Options->Maintenance

Version 0.2.12

  • [FIX] Bug fixed in Options->Maintenance->New (author tree rebuild)
  • [FIX] Bug fixed in Options->Maintenance->SaveAs (does not work at all)
  • [FIX] Bug fixed in Import: ZIPs was not compressed (ZIP_STORED), so reader can't read them
  • [FIX] Bug fixed in Reader: reader can't read uncompressed (ZIP_STORED) ZIP's

Version 0.2.11

  • [NEW] Support for FBE export plugins added
  • [FIX] Specific code for FB2Any removed

Version 0.1.9

  • [NEW] Support for FB2Any added
  • [FIX] Stupid bug while importing .fb2 files fixed

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