PocketPC export plugin for FBE RUS
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Here you can find free PPCExport (download size 400k) ChangeLog, PAD.
Current version 0.1.6 (last digit - build number)

This is export plugin for FBE (part of FictionBook tools 2.0) or Book2Shelf. This plugin allows you to copy book in FB2 format directly to your PocketPC.


System requirements:
Upload screen

Features of PPCExport plugin:
  • Exports FB2 book to directly to PocketPC (what did you expect? :)
  • On-the-fly encoding conversion (UTF-8 supported!)
  • Built in ZIP compressor
  • PocketPC directory selection (existance checked)
  • Resulting book file renaming based on author's name and book title (you can leave original file name)

Alex Shabarshov
Используются технологии uCoz